Restaurant: XOCHI

Debbie and I went to this restaurant with Steve, Rachel, Max, Coby, Jen, Ben, Abby, Eli, William, Dale and Susan.

As you enter the restaurant there are sections of tables to the right and left and just past the entrance there is an L shaped bar that seats 21 people. Overall the restaurant seats 190 people inside and another 60 people on the patio. There are a series of 2, 4, 5, 6 tops as well as larger tables including the one at which we were seated. Continue reading “Restaurant: XOCHI”

Restaurant: San Lorenzo

(A reminder: I only write about restaurants I believe are worth trying and would patronize again. If I don’t like the restaurant, I don’t write about it.)

We went to San Lorenzo with Virginia and Tom at Tom’s suggestion.

San Lorenzo opened at the end of June. It is the creation of Chef Massimo Fabbri, most recently of Tosca and before that, Posto. Massimo stopped by our table to chat. Continue reading “Restaurant: San Lorenzo”

Restaurant: Rose’s Luxury

I had not previously attempted to dine at Rose’s Luxury because I was not up to standing in line to make a reservation and I never got around to hiring a line stander. Debbie and I had eaten at Pineapple and Pearls (WW #159-12/2017) which is located next door which we thoroughly enjoyed. Both restaurants are owned by Aaron Silverman. Continue reading “Restaurant: Rose’s Luxury”