Restaurant: CUT

In 2013, the Capella Hotel, opened on the C&O Canal. It had a restaurant called the Grill Room which was reviewed in the May 2013 Washington Watch. The Capella became the Rosewood Hotel in 2016. The hotel closed for renovations in October 2018 and reopened in early August of this year. Continue reading “Restaurant: CUT”

Restaurant: Queen’s English

Debbie and I, along with Amy and Peter, went to Queen’s English on a Saturday night.

The restaurant first opened on April 10, 2019 and is co-owned by Chef Henji Cheung and his spouse, Sarah Thompson, who told us that she was also a chef at an earlier time. During the day, Sarah helps with the food prep and then when the restaurant is open, she manages the dining room. Continue reading “Restaurant: Queen’s English”

Restaurant: Kellari Taverna

Rita, Bob, Debbie and I went to Kellari on a Sunday night. Rita and Bob had been there before. It was a first for Debbie and me.

As you enter the restaurant, straight ahead to the left is a long bar with 12 highchairs. Across from the bar are a series of two tops along a half wall topped with some see through screening. Continue reading “Restaurant: Kellari Taverna”

Restaurant: Garibaldis Restaurant

Debbie and I went to Garibaldis with John and Sue.

The restaurant is long and narrow and seats between 80 and 90 people. To the right as you enter is a bar that seats 10. To the left there are a variety of tables facing a banquette and we were seated at a table near the front. Debbie and Sue were seated on the banquette, John and I were on chairs facing them. Continue reading “Restaurant: Garibaldis Restaurant”

Restaurant: Mourad

Debbie and I had dinner with Peggy and Mike at Mourad on our anniversary.

As you enter, to the right is a long L-shaped bar that seats 10 folks on the long side and four folks on the foot. There is a tabletop and several long shelves covered with wines and other alcohols that form the back of the bar. The back wall itself is a series of waist to ceiling windows that face the outside. Continue reading “Restaurant: Mourad”

Restaurant: North Beach Restaurant

Julia and Stan, Peggy and Mike and Debbie and I went to the North Beach Restaurant on the last night of our Menlo Park/San Francisco visit. (Dinner was followed by attending a performance of Beach Blanket Babylon – more about that at the end. The theater is a short walk from the restaurant.) Continue reading “Restaurant: North Beach Restaurant”