Restaurant: Parlour Victoria

Debbie and I went with Rita and Bob on March 3rd to Parlour Victoria which has only been open since February 14, 2023.

Debbie, Rita, and I got there first. When Bob got there the manager at the reception desk told him there was no reservation in Rita’s name. Happily, he convinced the manager that we must be there and came upstairs.

There are two floors with a large circular stairway between them. Happily, there is an elevator that will easily handle 3 people.

The manager said the restaurant seats 100 people inside and 45 people outside. (There are publications that say the restaurant can handle 240 inside and 100 outside. The latter seems quite unlikely.)

As you enter the restaurant on the first floor, there is a guitar and keyboard player and singer performing.

Both floors have a long bar, both with 14-16 tall chairs.

One of us asked whether there was seating on the second floor and that is where we headed.

On the second floor there are a number of alcoves, each of which holds a single, 4-, 5-, or 6-person table. There are a number of additional tables on the floor.

The chairs at these tables are less than comfortable.

The restaurant is well operated for a restaurant open for such a short time.

Our server was Tavia who was very good and particularly friendly.

Bob and Mike started with a bowl of Cream of Crab soup. Rita chose a Classic Caesar salad. Debbie decided to forego a starter.

Debbie chose as a main course Eastern Shore Fried Chicken with a choice of original or Spicey Nashville house batter.

Rita – chose Grilled Verlasso Salmon – Romanesco, trumpet mushrooms, kumquat, brown butter cauliflower puree.

Bob – Maine Lobster Roll – drawn butter, chives, celery leaf, toasted split top bun, choice of spring salad or fries. He also ordered corn pudding.
Mike – chose Maryland crab cakes – mixed baby greens, old bay remoulade (there is a choice of one or two crab cakes, I had one) coleslaw, sweet corn pudding.

Bob said the lobster roll was one of the best he had eaten outside of New England.

Even though the performer was on the floor below us, the music was too loud.

Bob and Mike particularly enjoyed the crab soup which featured real crab for a change.

The restaurant is part of the Atlas Restaurant Group which has an additional 12 restaurants in Maryland, one in Florida, one in Pennsylvania, one in Texas and two in Washington.

There is a small restroom on the second floor where we were seated. While the restroom is designed to be used by a single person, it could be used by two people at the same time with one using the commode and one using the washbasin. The door of the restroom is particularly heavy. (I assume there is a restroom on the first floor as well)

There is a single white ceramic commode in the corner with two horizonal, wall-hanging metal handles. To the left of the commode is a white ceramic wall-hanging wash basin with a mirror above it. To the right of the washbasin between the commode and the wash basin is a white mental covered waste container.

The wall next to the commode is painted dark green. The other walls are covered with tan square tiles. The floor is covered with tiny light tan tiles and a design of some kind of ancient animal made with colored tiles.

The restaurant is next to the Moxy hotel which is essentially interconnected on the main floor.

Parlour Victoria
1011 K Street NW
Washington, DC