Restaurant: Café Lurcat

Because of the large number of people who participated in a dinner at Café Lurcat the description of this restaurant is more complicated than most. Therefore, this review has two sections, a list of the people that joined in and a separate description of the food they consumed.

The participants were – Nancy, Stan, Heidi, Loni and Zoey, Joe, Bridget, Neil, Janice, Tyler, Carly Rooney, Eli, Debbie, Michael. (Sarabeth and Kai were not at the dinner.)

Here are the items from the menu that were enjoyed by one or more of the participants.

Small plates -Bread, Octopus, Eden Valley Wagyu Beef Tongue, Hamachi Crudo grapefruit gelee, Poached Oysters

Salads – Pickled Strawberry & Burrata

Pasta – Cavatelli Lamb Neck apu; Linguine & Clams

Dinner plates – Miso Sea Bass; Korean Barbecue Salmon; Roasted Amish Chicken; Lurcat Burgers, Eden Valley Wagyu – 7 oz Filet Mignon

Vegetables – Lurcat Fries

The single most popular dish was the Miso Sea Bass – Janice, Neil, Stan, Mike (4 orders)

Second most popular were the Lurcat Burgers – Debbie, Nance, Carley (3 orders)

There was a fair amount of sharing. The French fries were outstanding.

The restaurant seats up to 375 people at a time in multiple dining rooms. The food was quite good, but the service was very, very slow.

Café Lurcat
1624 Harmon Place
Minneapolis, MN 55403
612 486 5500