Restaurant: Ellington Park Bistro

Rita, Bob, Debbie, and I had dinner at Ellington Park Bistro on a Saturday night.

The restaurant has been open since September/October 2022.

Rita and Bob shared a Caesar Salad and Mike had a Caesar Salad to himself. Debbie did not order a first course.

Debbie and Bob ordered Branzino Almondine – French beans, sweet onion puree, brown butter-heirloom tomato, kumquat.

Rita ordered Amish Chicken Cordon Bleu – Hen Roulade, jambon, aged gruyere, beluga lentils, marjoram jus.

Mike ordered Arctic Char Filet – lime pickled Swiss chard, braised sweet onion, carrot-ginger reduction, Thai bail oil. Mike also ordered Potato Gratin – Nancy’s Hudson valley camembert mornay. Debbie and Bob had never had potato gratin and once they had taken their first bite, they were very helpful in helping Mike finish this dish.

For dessert Mike ordered Crème Brulée – Almond genoa bread, maple feuille de brick, burnt honey ice cream.

Rita and Debbie shared Citrus Mille-Feuille – Vanilla tuile, Kalamansi cremoux, meringue, lemon creme fraiche ice cream.

Bob ordered Blue Berry Sorbet.

The gender-neutral restroom is near the entrance to the new restaurant and was about 15 feet from our table. There is a very heavy wood door, that requires real strength to open. A staff person as well as a guest just walking by, seeing me with my cane and having some difficulty opening the door, offered to help. I waved them off. A similar thing happened while I was opening the door from the inside.

The walls are painted a deep green and there is a wall-hanging piece of black and white art.

There is a white floor-based commode and a device holding a single roll of toilet paper within reach.

There is an oblong black ceramic washbasin with a shelf just above the washbasin and a large mirror above that. That shelf holds a container of paper towels and another roll of toilet paper.

There is also a narrow floor to ceiling, set of black shelves.

The floor is covered with white, oblong tiles with various black designs on them. There are a series of supportive silver bars, horizontal and vertical, placed on the wall as one would expect. There is also a black trash can on the floor.

The restroom is designed to be used by one person at a time, but depending on who the people are, it could be used by two people, one using the commode and one using the washbasin.

Ellington Park Bistro
St. Gregory Hotel
2033 M St. N.W.
Washington D.C.
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