Restaurant: Field & Main Restaurant

Kathleen Ambrose recommended this restaurant.

The evening started with six of us getting lost on the way to the restaurant. Debbie, Florence, Sherry and Decker were in one car. Peter and I were in another. The four of them left earlier than Peter and me, their intention to do a little shopping before dinner.

We were following the same set of directions given. Peter and I ultimately got there by calling the restaurant for specific directions. The other four found it on their own.
A restaurant was originally located in this building nearly two centuries ago.
It is not clear whether it has been used for anything else in the interim. It became Field & Main in 2014.

The interior is fresh but not fancy. The tables have wooden tops and steel bottoms and can be arranged in tables that can accommodate 2, 4, 6 and 8 people and could be arranged to handle even larger numbers. The chairs are comfortable but simple. There are several rooms including one which has a bar and a room on the second floor.
We ordered our dinners and then several of our group went to a store called Gentle Harvest across the street. It was the store that Debbie, Florence and Sherry and Decker had planned to go to before the meal.

Debbie and Sherry started with Deviled Eggs du Jour. Peter selected the Lettuce Salad with Lindera, Farm Honey Vinegar Dressing & Shaved Vegetables. Decker chose the Anson Mills Farro Salad with Fired Roasted Poblano Vinaigrette, Roasted Beets and Arugula. Florence went with the Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with White Wine, Yuzu, Provolone & Truffle Oil. I went for the Hearth Roasted Beet with Pecan Butter Dust, Sorghum Syrup, Frisee, Blood Orange and Pecans.

As she often does, Debbie selected one of the appetizers as her entrée. It was the Cajun Style Jambalaya with Hearth Roasted Pork, Chicken & Shrimp. Decker and Florence opted for the Ember Roasted Whole Rockfish with Soy & Olive Oil (served on the bone with head and tail.) Sherry and I ordered the Whiffletree Farm Hearth Roasted Half Chicken with Its Own Jus.

We shared Cream Corn Bread Pudding and Red Island Field Peas.

We were all so full that we passed on desserts.

Field & Main Restaurant
8369 W. Main Street
Marshall, Virginia 20115