Restaurant: Hunter’s Head Tavern

Hunter’s Head was one of the restaurants that we had heard about from Kathleen and others. On the drive back from lunch at Kathleen’s (which was a treat) we passed Hunter’s Hand and on the spur of the moment stopped in to make a reservation for the following evening. That night we had dinner at Field & Main.

When Peter and Florence and Debbie and I arrived at the restaurant the next night, the person at the reception stand could not find our reservation. Debbie took the lead in convincing them that we had a reservation. It was never clear whether they actually found our reservation but after a few moments she did find a table for us.

There are four rooms on the main floor centered around a main room with a roaring fire in a huge fire place. The wooden tables range in size from 2 to 8 or more. There are benches on one side of a number of tables. There are black boards on the walls and that show the daily specials. There is also a black board with daily wine specials. There are also printed menus.

The décor is heavily wooded much like a traditional English tavern.

What makes this restaurant unusual is how you order your food. Once you are seated you are presented with a paper menu and then one of the party, in our case Florence, goes up to a window and places the order for drinks and food. After the order is placed the service is like a traditional restaurant.

Three of us started with Steamed Artichoke with Lemon Herb & Melted Butter. I opted for the Iceberg Wedge/House-cured Bacon and Hard-Boiled Eggs.

For our main courses Florence and Debbie ordered Dry-aged Ribeye steaks with sautéed Mushrooms.

Peter and I ordered Chicken Pot Pies which we savored.

We also ordered Curried Cauliflower w/Golden Raisins and Sweet Potato Chips.

For dessert Peter and I ordered Peppermint-stick Ice Cream with chocolate sauce. Debbie and Florence demurred.

One thing that jumped out at me from the menu were three types of burgers, beef, turkey or vegan veggie; three kinds of buns; and a selection of 11 toppings from fried farm egg to caramelized onions.

The service was very good and made more interesting by the fact that Peter strikes up a conversation with anybody who comes near us and the serving people were no exception.

Hunter’s Head Tavern
9048 John Mosby Hwy (Rt. 50)
Upperville, Virginia 20184