Restaurant: F.I.G. (Food Is Good)

Debbie, Ann, Leslie, Nazan and Yolanda flew to Charleston for a bridge (the card game) getaway. Of course, that included trying out some of Charleston’s top restaurants. Debbie reported the following.

F.I.G. is a Farm to Table restaurant which, “whenever possible, uses sustainable seafood and produce from local farmers, growers and producers and all natural, hormone/antibiotic free meats and proteins.”

The menu changes daily. Everything we tasted was far better than average.

For appetizers, Leslie had the Arugula Salad with pecorino canestratoo, crispy shallots and arbequina (which is olive oil); I had the homemade cottage cheese and burnt eggplant (which was like a mousse) and was served with excellent brown bread.

Leslie and I ordered a second appetizer as our entrees…Leslie tried the wild mushroom and meatball soup and I selected the ricotta gnocchi and lamb Bolognese. The others in our group only ordered entrees. Nazan had the Cornflour-dusted Wreckfish Paillar with sweet potato, endive, savory granola and citrus; and Yolanda and Ann ordered the Fish Stew Provencal with white shrimp, squid, mussel and carlin gold rice.

We shared two desserts, Butterscotch Pot de Crème, amaretti with soft whipped cream and Bread Pudding with kumquat, walnut, and banana ice cream.

Everyone pronounced all the dishes as superb.

Most interesting: as we were seated, the waitress asked us if we would like separate checks. It seemed like a good idea. When our checks came we noticed that each of the items we ordered were on the correct check and the desserts had been divided into fifths. Our server explained that they have a new computer system that does all this automatically and has much improved their lives. It even identifies the person by seat with a separate number so it is easy to accommodate the various splits and charges.

We discovered that every restaurant we visited in Charleston had and loved this new system.

F.I.G. is in the heart of downtown Charleston in a utilitarian space with simple decor, wooden chairs, and white tablecloths. It seats close to 100, including a high top table for 12 near the bar in front. One can order dinner at the bar. The servers wear denim and green chef’s aprons.

There are two restrooms, both unisex!

F.I.G. (Food Is Good)
232 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC 29401
(F.I.G. reservations are available on Opentable or by phone)