Restaurant: Silver

Debbie and I had two visits to Silver. Overall, the first visit with Bob and Rita was quite good, with the exception of one dish that was a little too spicy. We left there feeling quite good about the service and the food.

Our second visit with Tom put a bit of a damper on our initial impression. Continue reading “Restaurant: Silver”

Two Restaurants: Agua301 and Millie’s

There are two similar D.C. restaurants, one in Southeast, Agua301, and the other in Northwest, Millie’s. They are both quite large with indoor seating and additional outdoor seating when the weather permits.
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Restaurant: Q

Rita, Bob and Debbie and I went to Q for dinner.

The reception desk is straight ahead as you walk in. To the far left there is a section of 4 person booths the length of the dining room. They are separated from the balance of the restaurant by a half wall. On the other side of that wall are 2 person booths also running the length of the restaurant.
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Restaurant: Amaranth Restaurant

I have eaten at this restaurant several times always with Jay and Rita and a couple of times including Debbie. It is one of Jay and Rita’s favorites. On my most recent visit it was just Rita, Jay and me for lunch on a Wednesday. Continue reading “Restaurant: Amaranth Restaurant”

Restaurant: True Food Kitchen

This is a relatively new restaurant in Bethesda. Locations can be found in twelve other states. One of the founders is the renowned physician Dr. Andrew Weil. Its menu is based on the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, described as a way of selecting and preparing foods based on science that can help people achieve and maintain optimum health over their lifetime. Continue reading “Restaurant: True Food Kitchen”