Two Restaurants: Agua301 and Millie’s

There are two similar D.C. restaurants, one in Southeast, Agua301, and the other in Northwest, Millie’s. They are both quite large with indoor seating and additional outdoor seating when the weather permits.

One menu is best described as modern Mexican and the other, casual seafood Nantucket style.

The goal of each is to turn the tables as often as possible as demonstrated by the speed of service and the hovering servers looking to clear plates and glasses as soon as possible.

Aqua301 takes reservations and can be found on OpenTable. Drop-ins are welcome. Millie’s does not take reservations but generally suggests that if you come a half hour before the time you would like to eat and get on the list you will usually be seated.

Neither restaurant has dessert as part of the menu.

Each has a limited amount of parking in proximity.