Restaurant: Ghibellina

Linda, Tevy, Paula, Corey, Debbie and I went to Ghibellina on a week night. Linda was the fifth grade teacher of the owner of the restaurant who was not there this particular evening.

As you approach the restaurant, there are a number of tables on the sidewalk. You need to pay attention so that you don’t accidentally walk into the restaurant next door.

As you enter, there are a couple of steps up to the main restaurant floor. Straight ahead is a relatively steep flight of stairs leading to an area available for private parties. The night went there was a sign at the bottom of the stairs indicating that a Washington law firm was holding an event on the second floor.

To the right as you enter is a host stand. Also to the right there are a number of tables. Directly ahead is a U-shaped bar with high stools. And just past the U-shaped bar there is a long bar.

The restaurant is much longer than it is wide. The walls are exposed white brick. As you head toward the back of the restaurant to the right is the long bar. To the left are a couple of three person tables and a series of alcoves in each of which there are longer tables.

At the back of the restaurant, where we were seated, are a number of round tables that can seat up to six people and a banquette on the right wall that fronts a series of two person tables. The open kitchen is at the end of the room.

The restaurant seats a total of 90 people at tables that seat 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 people. There are some high-top tables but the majority of the tables are of normal height.

The U-shaped bar seats 12 people and the long bar has 18 high chairs.

Our server, Roxie, was quite attentive and helpful. It turns out that she is from the Ukraine.

Because we seemed to share whatever anyone ordered the following is a list of the dishes ordered. Varieta A D’olive, house cured olives; Burrata; Fegatini, chicken liver crostini, anchovy, capers and vermouth; Insalata Stagione, a number of fresh vegetables; and Funghi Arrostiti, herb roasted mushrooms, grana Padano.

The group then ordered three pizzas: Margherita Di Bufala, tomato sauce, basil, buffalo mozzarella; Funghi, herb roasted mushrooms, goat cheese, spring onions, pecorino, truffle oil; and Salsicce E Cipolla, tomato sauce, sausage, roasted onions, provolone, grana Padano, basil oregano, pereronciono.

The pizzas are served on stands and are accompanied by special scissors for cutting the pizzas which are not cut in the kitchen.

A little more than halfway back on the left side of the restaurant is a cut out that includes two unisex restrooms that face one another. Between the two restrooms are a couple of high stools for those who are waiting to use the facilities. I had not seen that accommodation before.

There is a single white ceramic commode and a white marble counter in which is set a single copper like metal wash basin. The floor is covered with large white marble-like tile. The walls are either covered with bright red mid-size squares or exposed bricks. There is a large mirror over the sink which looks as if it is permanently fogged up. I assume the other restroom is a carbon copy.

The restaurant’s website is loaded with photographs of the restaurant and various dishes from the menu.

1610 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20009