About Trump

Brett Kavanaugh’s (impending) arrival on the Supreme Court is like Donald Trump’s attainment of the presidency, in this important way:

By the rules of politics that prevailed until 2016, neither of them would have come close to consideration for their respective offices. For Trump, the reasons are obvious; for Kavanaugh, they’re brilliantly summarized by one of Kavanaugh’s long-term friends here, and discussed below. Continue reading “About Trump”


With the next presidential campaign just around the corner, it’s worth taking a look at one significant 2020 campaign event that occurred in 2017. The California primary, which in 2016 was held on June 7, has been moved to the first Tuesday in March, which in 2020 is March 3rd. That is a very big prize early in the campaign. It takes a lot of resources to play in California. Continue reading “2020”