The Department of Homeland Security has published a proposed rule which states that immigrants could be denied green cards if they’ve received certain public benefits, including food stamps or Medicaid, or if they’re deemed likely to receive them in the future.

President Trump is moving to allow year-round sale of gasoline containing a higher percentage of ethanol. The move satisfies campaign promises he made to the Farm Belt while likely provoking a battle with the oil industry. Mr. Trump’s action would direct the EPA to allow sales of E15, or gasoline with 15% ethanol, year-round. The directive wouldn’t require refineries to increase their blends, but could spur sales that would give the ethanol industry more of a grip on the market. [WSJ, 10/9/18]

The Trump administration’s weakening of pollution and fuel-efficiency standards for new cars could lead to as many as 299 premature deaths annually by midcentury. The proposed changes, rolled out in August, would also cost Americans nearly 17,000 days of work a year because of increased illnesses. This according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. [NBC News, 10/2/18]

On November 10, the Treasury Department will impose new limits on foreign investment in U.S. technology. Based on legislation passed in 2017, the government has more power to block foreign, non-controlling investments in critical technologies that are considered nonpublic, technical information. [WP, 10/11]

In 2016 roughly 95,000 refugees were admitted to the United States. In 2017, 29,000 refugees were admitted. The limit that was imposed for 2018 was 45,000 refugees (it remains to be seen how many will be admitted). The limit for 2019 has been set at 30,000 refugees. [Axios, 9/18/18]

The State Department has stopped giving visas to the same-sex partners of diplomats working at the United Nations. The administration argues that same-sex couples must marry to remain in the country together.

The administration knows that gay marriage is not an option in most countries. [Huff Post, 10/3/18]