“Hope is the belief that our tomorrows will be better than our todays.
Hope is not magic. Hope is work.”
-DeRay McKesson

“I’m part of a new generation of people that are coming in. We
speak differently. We work differently. We serve differently.”
-Rashida Tlaib, Congressional candidate running unopposed in Michigan who will be the first Muslim woman in Congress

“To every survivor reading this
We see you
We hear you
We believe you
It’s not your fault
Your story matters
There is no ‘right’ way to experience trauma.”
-TIMESUP, 9/21/18

“Don’t look for the needle in the haystack. Just buy the haystack”

“The greatest enemies of the equity investor are expenses and emotions.”
-Jack Bogle

“It is fatal to pretend. I prefer to do anything on the quiet rather than boast
about it.”
-Indira Gandhi

“After crosses and losses, men grow humbler and wiser.”
-Benjamin Franklin

“I am here today not because I want to be. I am terrified. I am here because I believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me.”
-Christine Blasey Ford, Senate Testimony
[Broadsheet, 9/28/18]

“Believe me, I am frustrated too. I am sick of all the chaos and the nastiness of politics. It’s exhausting and frankly, it’s depressing. I understand wanting to shut it all out. But here’s the problem…democracy continues with or without you.”
-Michelle Obama, 9/23/18

“I just remember thinking, ‘I’m not more experienced than these guys are, but I’m going to be bigger than they are someday.’ I know it sounds crazy. I always felt like, ‘I’m going to pass you so quickly.’”
-Kara Swisher on her career premonitions, 10/15/18