Restaurant: Sababa

First it was Ardeo + Bardeo. Two restaurants side by side and interconnected. Then Ardeo closed and Bardeo became Bindaas offering Indian Street food. Then Ardeo reopened as Sababa, a stylish bistro for Israeli fare.

Debbie and I went to Sababa with Michael and Sherry who had been to the restaurant before.

As you enter the restaurant, dead ahead is a bar with 12 high seats. At the end of the bar there is an open area which leads directly into Bindaas.

To the right starts a series of 2s, 4s & 6s. There are couple of banquets with 4 tops. There is grass growing out of the wall on the right as you come in.

The restaurant seats up to 130 people on two levels. There is a steep set of stairs to the second floor. I did not venture up the stairs.

It is loud but more like a “din”. You cannot hear the actual conversations of tables near you. The general lighting is quite low…there were a number of folks using lights on cellphones to read the menus.

The restaurant offers a variety of non-alcoholic drinks. Debbie ordered Pomegranate-Rosehip Soda/Sumac, Rose and Fenugreek.

Mike and Sherry had Lavender-Borage Soda/Rosemary & Lemon. I ordered Grapefruit-Cardamom Soda/Black Petter & Lime.

We shared everything, as is encouraged on the menu.

Large plates:

Vegetable Tagine/ charred vegetable, herbed couscous & Tomato

Lamb Shank/ braised red cabbage with dates & citrus

Small plates:

Charred Eggplant/ herbed labne, pomegranate & pistachio

Israeli salad/ cucumber, tomato, onion, avocado & watermelon

Fried Cauliflower/ tahini, golden raisins, dill & lemon

Smoked Trout/ muhammara, walnuts, grilled cucumber


Halva-Chocolate Pot De Crème/ almond brittle, date molasses & Chantilly

Konafi Cake/ shredded filo, apricot labne filling, pistachio whipped cream

Mike suggested ordering the small plates first and then wait a while to order the large plates. Otherwise the some of the large plates may be delivered before you finish with the small plates.

The service was first rate.

There are two gender identified restrooms down a well-lit corridor at the back of the restaurant on the first floor.

As you enter the men’s restroom, directly to the left is a wall-hanging urinal. Further to the left is a commode room with partial black metal walls and door. Across from the commode room is a black ceramic counter with two oval white ceramic washbasins sunk in the counter. Above the counter is a large mirror.

Covering the floor and the walls of the urinal area and the commode and the floor are tiles with multi pointed black tiles with white backgrounds…to shoulder height. Above shoulder height and around the main door are covered with painted tan walls. There is a waste can near the door. The inside of the door is black.

3311 Connecticut Ave
Washington. DC 20008
Fax 202.244-8960

Hours – Open every day at 5:00 p.m.
Open till 10:00 p.m. Sunday – Thursday and
11:00 p.m. Friday – Saturday
Saturday & Sunday Brunch – 11:00 a.m.