Restaurant: Fresh Baguette

Fresh Baguette recently opened a third store on Wisconsin avenue in Georgetown at a location that Debbie and I pass several times a week. One Sunday morning with Carol joining us we made a stop.

The store is relatively small but does have limited seating for those who look forward to the offerings of an authentic French bakery.

We did not take advantage of the seating that first day and have not done so since – the chairs in the dining area of the bakery seem a bit modest for me – but Debbie and/or I have stopped several times for our own pleasure. We have also found that the various pastries make a perfect gift when we have been invited to someone’s home.

Here is a partial list of the kinds of treats you can salivate over at all three Fresh Baguette locations: traditional baguettes, sesame, poppy, multi-seed, baguettes, whole wheat load, raisins and walnut loaf, stuffed rolls such as Bacon/Swiss cheese or olive; chocolate, almond, almond chocolate croissants; apple chaussons, brioche knot, brioche knot with Nutella, queen tart; fruit tarts, lemon meringue tarts, napoleons, eclairs, flans, various macarons; canneles, madeleines, meringues, brownies, berry crumble bars, cookies, muffins; homemade quiches, croque ham, ham and cheese croissants.

There is also a full selection of biscuits, mustard, page, chestnut cream, cornichons, carambars, malabars and jams.

My personal preference is the brioche bread loaf, although there is nothing I have tried that I would not happily eat again.

Fresh Baguette
1737 Wisconsin Avenue – D.C. 20007

4919 Bethesda Avenue – Bethesda, MD 20814

804 Hungerford Drive – Rockville, MD 20850

Open every day – 7AM-7PM