Restaurant: XOCHI

Debbie and I went to this restaurant with Steve, Rachel, Max, Coby, Jen, Ben, Abby, Eli, William, Dale and Susan.

As you enter the restaurant there are sections of tables to the right and left and just past the entrance there is an L shaped bar that seats 21 people. Overall the restaurant seats 190 people inside and another 60 people on the patio. There are a series of 2, 4, 5, 6 tops as well as larger tables including the one at which we were seated.

Our table of 13 people was just inside entrance.

There were simply too many different choices to designate who ordered what. So here is a list of everything that was ordered, most of which were shared by at least a couple of people.

Queso De Rancho – house made queso de cincho which includes a trio of insects, grasshoppers, worms and ants.

Taquitos Dorados – chicken picadillo, mole coloradito etc

Molotes De Xoxocotlan – oval masa cakes, potato, chorizo ismeno, avocado etc.

Pulpo – crispy wood-roasted octopus, masa pancake, toasted pumpkin seeds, etc

Codorniz – bacon-wrapped quail stuffed with Chorizo, etc

Barbacoa De Res De Zaachila – grilled roll skirt steak, potato, carrots masa dumplings etc

Pato Crujiente – crispy duck, tomatillo avocado sauce, chicharrones

Coliflor – roasted cauliflower, chintextile

Elote Cremoso – sweet creamy corn and rice

Calabaza – Roasted acorn squash, goat cheese, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate

Hongos – wild mushrooms, more Amarillo, masa dumplings, green beans

Tamal De Polo Con Mole Negro – large chicken tamal with black mole

Ensalada De Otono – roasted pumpkin, yellow beets, squash, green, quince, pear vinaigrette, pumpkin seeds

Ensalada Roja – red lettuces, red beets, dried figs, candied pecans, apple, pomegranate dressing



The restaurant is pretty loud but not insufferable. And I could not hear the conversation at nearby tables.

The service was attentive and swift, especially given the size of the restaurant.

The floor in the men’s room is covered with a zig zag pattern of dark gray and white. The doors and walls are gray. There is a commode room with a white ceramic commode. As you enter there is a brown wooden shelf with a white square ceramic wash basin headed by a mirror. Opposite the wash basin is a white wall-hanging urinal.

There is valet parking at the entrance to the Marriott Marquis.

1777 Walker Street
Houston, Texas 77010
In the Marriott Marquis Hotel