Restaurant: Le DeSales

Whitney, Lee, Debbie and I went to Le DeSales about two months after it opened.

The restaurant has two primary sections. As you enter the restaurant there is a greeter’s stand and a series of dining tables that seat up to 72 people. Just beyond the greeter’s station are two back-to-back booths each seating two. To the far left there is a leather banquette with seating for several 2s and 4s.

To the right of the entry is a curved bar and a series of high chairs and tables of appropriate height that can be used to seat an additional 25 people. Overall there is an interesting series of seating options.

The menu has a French accent but it is quite casual.

Whitney started with Broccoli covered with mustard and peanuts. She shared the very large portion with several of us. She finished by ordering an 8oz Beef Burger with Cabot Clothbound Cheddar and “Jambon Cru” (cured ham).

Debbie opted for Green Asparagus with boiled eggs followed by Beef “Bavette” (flap meat) Dry Aged with Grapes, Shallot and Parsley.

Lee and I both started with Beets, Avocado, Miso and Quinoa. Lee followed the beets with Friggitelli (hot peppers), Orange and Lemon and Pate de Campagne with Pistachos and Pickles (the latter are served from a very large jar with what looks to be a large tweezer).

I ordered Duck Pastrami (sliced very thin) and Bass with Cranberries, Cashews, Celeriac and Chive Oil. I also ordered a second serving of Broccoli, Peanuts and Mustard. (I had not paid attention when Whitney ordered the same dish but both portions were finished off.)

For dessert I ordered and the others tasted the chocolate tart with espresso ice cream on the side. As a chocoholic this dessert was quite special.

The service was very attentive and helpful. There was a primary server who was with us through the evening and was great at describing various dishes. Our dishes were served by various other staff who knew exactly who ordered what.

This is not the place for an important conversation, it is very noisy. As tables emptied during the evening it became easier to hear one other.

Three of the four of us would go to this restaurant again.

There are three restrooms. One is designated as a men’s room. It has a single raised white ceramic wash basin, two wall hanging urinals with nothing separating them, and two fully enclosed commode rooms. The lower half of the room is covered in a marble like wall covering. The upper half of the room is covered with wallpaper adorned with very large blue and gray flowers and butterflies.

The other two restrooms are designated as WCs. Both of these WCs are single person facilities with single white ceramic wash basins next to white commodes. There is a mirror about the wash basin and commode. I only checked the wall coverings in one of them. In that room the wallpaper was large red and grey flowers with butterflies.

Parking is available at the PMI parking garage about 40 feet from the restaurant

Le DeSales
1725 DeSales Street
Washington, DC 20036