Restaurant: Laduree

Debbie, Carol and I went to Laduree on a Sunday morning, six days after its official opening. (I was hesitant to abandon my usual Sunday breakfast at the Four Seasons but Debbie insisted we try it and it turned out to be a worthy choice.)

As you enter the restaurant, directly to the left is a display and counter for purchasing macarons, chocolates, pastries, candles and other related odds and ends. Directly ahead on the right there are three 2 tops.

I am told that overall the décor of the restaurant is very “Parisian”. It is decorated in white and soft pastels and is quite bright.

Carol had freshly squeezed orange juice, Oeufs Brouilles (scrambled eggs) and bacon and Pain au Chocolat. The scrambled eggs were served in a circular portion suggesting how they were prepared. She also had tea.

Debbie had the Omelette Laduree, mushrooms, cheese, ham, tomatoes, onions, fresh cream and fine herbs. She also had a Rose Croissant. We never did find out how they created the rose coloring of the dough. Debbie had coffee which came in an odd shaped topless pot which resulted in it not being hot. The server brought her a fresh, hot portion.

I had Rose Les Jus, a juice made from beet roots, tomatoes and strawberries followed by Le Pain Perdu Laduree, warm French toast served with a choice of maple syrup, jam or whipped cream. I chose the maple syrup. The bread was also round and had a nice taste. I followed that with a Cannele, which is a pastry I had never seen before; it was tiny, firm, and tasty, made with rum added.

There are twenty-eight different kinds of tea, seven juices and a variety of milks, hot chocolates and coffee drinks from regular coffees to espressos.

While the shop specializes in macarons, none of us tried them.

The restaurant seats 38 people on two levels at a variety of 2 tops, 4 tops and 6 tops. At the back of the dining area is a banquette which provides seating at several 2 tops.

The Georgetown location offers breakfast, lunch, brunch, afternoon tea and early dinner.

It is relatively pricey but one can get tastes that are quite reasonable.

So far, Laduree is open in Paris (its original home), New York, Los Angeles and of course Georgetown. Laduree will soon open at Union Station but it will only include macarons, other pastries, chocolate and salads and sandwiches to go as well as a variety of beverages.
[I did not check the restrooms but my guess is at this stage they are A-okay.]

On Sunday mornings, as the shop opens at 8:00 a.m. there is ample parking on M Street.

3060 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20007
Open 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Every day of the week