Restaurant: Zannchi

We first visited Zannchi with Beth and Sandy and then with Virginia and Tom.

The dishes described below are a combination of the dishes from the two visits. One visit was at dinner time and the other at lunch.

The restaurant is quite narrow. As you enter there is a counter to your right that has seven high stools. To your left and then extending alongside the counter and wrapping around the bar are a series of tables – twos, fours and one six.

From the section of the menu labeled “BANCHAN” (Tapas) we tried steamed Mandu Dumplings and Japchae, glass noodles with assorted vegetables. Then from the section of the menu labeled “BIBIMBAP” (Bowls) we tried the following: Short Ribs, short ribs & assorted vegetables; Bulgogi, beef BBQ, lettuce and onions; Klaennip & beef, Asia, onion & ground beef; Caramelized Kimchi & Beef, kimchi, lettuce, onion & ground beef.

One of our group asked whether chicken could be substituted for the beef in one of the dishes. The answer was a quick and pleasant “no”. There were some modest changes between the lunch and dinner menus. For example the lunch menu included a Korean-style cheese omelet.

The restroom is quite clean and as small as any I have ever used. Once you enter you need to close the door in order to make use of the facilities. There is a circular, clear, heavy glass wash basin hosted by a white ceramic shelf. There is a white ceramic commode. If one were so inclined one could wash one’s hands while sitting on the commode.

The service was quite attentive. There is no parking other than what you might find on Wisconsin Avenue, which is pretty rare unless you hit it right after 6:30 pm.

1529 Wisconsin Ave.
Washington, DC 20007

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