Restaurant: Mirabelle

Mirabelle is the newest downtown D.C. high-end restaurant. It opened for lunch on March 20th and for dinner on April 3rd.

Mary Beth, Steve, Debbie and I had lunch at Mirabelle on April 25th.

Entering the restaurant, one’s first reaction is that it is quite grand. It is a bit on the formal side but of course it is all new, a new restaurant in a new building. The chef, Frank Ruta, has been around Washington for a number of years.

As you stand in the entryway, ahead you see a variety of seating arrangements. To the left are a couple of 4 tops. To the right are some 2 tops, circular booths, a series of 2 tops with a banquette providing the seating for one side of the 2 tops. And then behind the 2 tops is a bar with 14 high seats. Everything that can be covered in leather is covered in leather. The total seating in the restaurant is about 120 people.

The servers are all men dressed in suits and ties. Two of the men, who were not our servers, came over to say hello having recognized me from Fiola Mare and I Ricchi.

Debbie and Steve started with Pate Campagne, Country style duck pate, vegetables in puff pastry with mustard, endive. Then Debbie had the Yellowfin
Tuna Nicoise, our confit tuna, arugula, devilled egg, black olive paste, sweet pepper bavarose. Steve followed with the Jambon Beurre, baguette, butter, ham.

Mary Beth enjoyed the Pan Bagnat, a traditional Provencal sandwich made with tuna confit and baguette.

I asked our server for his favorites and then ordered his suggestions. I started with the Petite Marmite, oxtail and capon consommé, vegetables, marrow and then had the Bouillabaisse Mirabelle, Fish and shellfish of the season in a flavorful broth scented with pernod.

For dessert we shared a Gateau Mirabelle.

There are a variety of items that I look forward to trying on my next visit.

(I did not check out the restroom but one can assume that with a new restaurant it is pretty well done.)

There is outdoor seating when the weather is right but I have never enjoyed exhaust fumes mixed with my food.

900 16th St., NW
Washington, DC