State of the Nation

*Any statements in this issue of the Watch which are not sourced are mine and identified by “WW”.

53% of Americans say the country is on the wrong track, that includes 51% of men and 54% of women.

36% of Americans say the country is headed in the right direction. This includes 41% of men and 31% of women. [Econ/YouGov 2/18/20] Continue reading “State of the Nation”

Restaurant: Bresca

Debbie and I went to Bresca with Ricki and Tony. The restaurant has been open for about two years.

Bresca has a single Michelin star, one of 18 restaurants in the D.C. area that has one or more Michelin stars. Our experience proved that it deserves this honor. Neither Debbie or nor could recall a better meal from any of the many restaurants at which we have dined. (More about those 18 Michelin restaurants at the end of this piece.) Continue reading “Restaurant: Bresca”