State of the Nation

*Any statements in this issue of the Watch which are not sourced are mine and identified by “WW”.

50% of Americans say the country is on the wrong track, including 47% of men and 52% of women.

36% of Americans say the country is headed in the right direction. This includes 40% of men and 33% of women. [Econ/YouGov 12/3/19] Continue reading “State of the Nation”

The Equal Rights Amendment: What’s Next

The following was written by Jay Berman (we are not related by DNA but by friendship) who served as Director of Legislative Affairs for Senator Birch Bayh, the lead Senate sponsor of the ERA amendment at the time of its passage.

The Democratic victory in capturing majorities in both Houses of the Virginia Legislature have led some to confidently predict that the ERA will be quickly ratified and thus the requisite 38th state will put the Amendment over the top and into the Constitution. Bills have already been pre-filed in both Houses and, yes, it will be ratified but will the Archivist of the United States certify it as the 28th Amendment. Not likely. Continue reading “The Equal Rights Amendment: What’s Next”

Women Will Get It Done

The judge overseeing the United States Women’s National Team’s gender discrimination lawsuit against U.S. Soccer granted the players class status on Friday, an important victory for the women that appeared to support the claim that they are subjected to unequal working conditions and unequal pay when they played games for their country. [NYT 11/8/19] Continue reading “Women Will Get It Done”