Women Will Get It Done

The judge overseeing the United States Women’s National Team’s gender discrimination lawsuit against U.S. Soccer granted the players class status on Friday, an important victory for the women that appeared to support the claim that they are subjected to unequal working conditions and unequal pay when they played games for their country. [NYT 11/8/19]

Boston voters reshaped the city’s governing body by electing more women and minorities than ever before. Boston which is a “majority/minority” city will have a majority-female city council for the first time. [Mass Live – The WeLead Reader 11/9/19]

Surveys show that voters trust women in office more often than men. Research also shows that women run for office to fix problems in their communities, rather than to seek power. [Marya Stark, Slate 11/6/19]

Women hold an average of 25% of board seats at S&P 500 companies, up from 15% a decade ago. Women now account for at least a third of the board seats at each of 122 companies on the index. Five years ago, that was only true at 40 companies.

If you look at the 1,056 companies combined between the S&P 500 and the Fortune 1000, which also includes big private businesses, a total of 26 companies have boards that have reached gender parity, meaning at least half of their members are women. Among those companies are Amazon, Best Buy, CBS, General Motors, Navint and Tupperware Brands. [GenderAvengerBlog 11/17/19]

When the winners were announced at this year’s Broadcom Masters STEM competition, America’s premiere science and engineering competition for middle school students, the stage looked a little different than previous years – for the first time ever, all of the top prize winners were girls. [GenderAvengerBlog 11/7/19]