Restaurant: Reveler’s Hour

Amy, Peter, Debbie, and I had dinner at Reveler’s Hour on a Wednesday night. The restaurant has been open since New Year’s Eve 2019.

Debbie and Peter started with Tuna Tartare with (espelette + orange aioli) followed by bucatini with (lamb sausage, carrot, pistachio, and chives.

Amy started with roasted carrots (with radicchio, blood orange and puffed farro), followed by mafalde (with roasted pork ragu, kale, fennel pollen breadcrumbs and grana Padano.)

I started with grilled brussels sprouts alla romana (with anchovy + aronia vinegar dressing and chili). I followed with what is described as a Large Plate (the only item with that title) crispy duck leg confit with garlic sausage, (tarbais beans and frisée.)

For dessert we ordered two orders of vanilla custard, sheep’s milk ricotta + honey gelato and chocolate sorbet. Each order was so large that the four of us were not able to finish the two orders.

Reservations go live each morning at 10 a.m. for up to two weeks out on RESY Washington DC.

The items on the menu change regularly and non-alcoholic selections are available, but not iced tea.

Open Tuesday through Sunday at 5:30 p.m.

There appears to be an unlimited supply of wine in wooden shelves.

As you enter the restaurant, to your left is a small bar and several tables and chairs. You then enter the main dining which is a combination of round tables with 4 chairs and a series of tables backing on room-long wall attached benches.

The kitchen is at the end of this room headed by an area from which the serving people work.

When completely full, the restaurant seats 110 people and is rather loud. Attentiveness from servers varies.

A 22% service fee will be added to your bill. The entirety of these charges is retained by Reveler’s Hour, which is 100% distributed to all non-management employees. There is included on the bill an optional tip line.

There are two gender neutral restrooms down a short hallway. I assume they are identical. Everything is basically black and white. There is a white ceramic washbasin with a wall hanging mirror above it.

To the far right is a white ceramic wall-hanging commode. Next to it is a black metal rod with 3 toilet paper rolls on it and one roll hanging on the wall. There are a series of silver wall hanging rods around the commode area. The walls are white with various figures on them.

The floor and parts of the wall are covered with small 6-sided tiles.

Reveler’s Hour
1775 Columbus Avenue NW
Washington DC 20009