Restaurant: Joy Restaurant

Florence, Peter, Ann, Debbie, and I went to Joy Restaurant shortly after it opened.

There are a variety of booths and tables that seat two, four, six people or more.

The chairs at our table were of an odd construction and not very comfortable. The chairs at various tables along the wall and around the room were clearly more comfortable.

The restaurant, at least the part we were in, was quite noisy but I think other parts of the restaurant were more comfortable.

Peter and I chose Warm Vichyssoise – Potato, cauliflower-leeks, chile guajillo oil, sea beam & rosemary oil.

Mike chose a Watercress Caesar salad – Garlic, Dijon mustard, anchovy paste, olive oil, comte cheese.

Ann, Florence, and Debbie shared a second Caesar salad.

Mike chose Fettuccine Marinara – fettuccine, tomato sauce ajillo butter, calamari, shrimp as a main course.

Ann for her main course chose Prawns – house-made seasoning, cascabel pepper, quajillo, onion, sour cream, roasted tomato and prickly pear sauce, avocado

Grilled Tomahawk – 38 oz prime tomahawk, chimichurri, Suero picante, herb butter (Peter made it clear he would not go to the restaurant unless at least one other person was willing to share it with him. As it turned out Debbie and Florence opted to share it with him.

The group, or part of the group, shared 2 orders of, “Many Reasons – Almond Vanilla soft serve, caramelized pepita crumble, chocolate peals, waffle cone”.

Our server was Chris; the service was okay. I skipped the restrooms.

The restaurant has the following operating theme: “Have fun, get Crazy, be Sexy, Enjoy”

Joy Restaurant
Joy by Seven Reasons
5471 Wisconsin Avenue NW