Restaurant: Chang Chang

Chef Peter Chang has opened a Chinese Restaurant in D.C. Across 19th Street and down from the Palm. And across the alley from I Ricchi Restaurant, one of our regular stops.

The restaurant is a few steps down from 19th Street. There are several large steps down with three strong railings. However, if you walk a few more steps down 19th street there is a level area that leads to the base of the stairs.

Make it a point to look in the restaurant from the outside.

Our server was Columbus.

The following items from the menu, which we ordered, can be eaten in the restaurant or taken out.

The menu is divided into seven sections: Vegetables, Bites, Small Plates, Noodles & Rice, Large Plates, Desserts, and Tea which is served in Cute Tea Pots. (Coffee is not served.)

We tried:
Mushroom Spring Roll – vegetables, shitake, wo sauce

Dry Fri Vegetables – beech mushrooms, squash, broccoli Maia spice

Seafood Pork Wontons – water chestnut, garlic Chili

Lion’s Head Meatball Pan – assorted vegetables, shitake mushroom

Kung Pao Wagyu – bell pepper, onion, peanuts

Passionfruit pie – calamari, rice graham cracker, black pepper

Chevre Cheesecake – buttermilk, rice cake, lemon, plum

Chocolate Tart – sesame, honey, vanilla Chantilly

All of the dishes, other than the dessert, were served at the same time which made us rush. We noted that other tables were served a dish or two at a time.

The restaurant is quite noisy.

There are orange peppers on the menu that mark particularly spicey dishes. Although many of the other dishes are pretty spicey, too. There are 36 total dishes to which pepper symbols are attached to 13 of them.

There are separate men’s and women’s restrooms – one of each.

The men’s room had large grey floor tiles with two wall-hanging urinals with partial silver metal walls between them.

There are brown wall tiles floor to ceiling.

There is a shelf with two round white ceramic washbasins with mirrors above the washbasins.

In addition, there are two wall-hanging commodes in partial silver material walled areas. There is a black metal waste basket.

Brady gave the food B+ to A-.

Debbie was less positive .

Mike was somewhere in between.

Chang Chang
1200 19th Street NW
Suite 110
202-570- 0946

Lunch Hours
Mon-Fri 11:30 – 2:30 p.m.
Sat-Sun – 3:30 p.m.

Dinner Hours
Mon-Thu 5 pm – 10 p.m.
Fri-Sat 5 p.m.- 11 pm
Sunday – 9 p.m.