Restaurant: Brasserie Liberté

Debbie and I went to Brasserie Liberté with Elizabeth and Hilary. It is relatively new and located in what was for many years Morton’s Steak House. It is not a steak house.

There is a colorful outdoor eating area, weather permitting–which it was not the night we were there. The whole front of the restaurant is glass walls so one can readily see the bar area and into the restaurant.

There is an open corridor as you enter the restaurant leading to the receptionist station. To the right of the corridor separated by a wall is a long front bar with 16 highchairs and running parallel are six high top tables with highchairs.

Once past the greeter station there are multiple open rooms and a colorfully decorated area with a single table that is the centerpiece of the restaurant.

The restaurant seats up to 180 people in various combinations of booths, banquettes, half circles holding single tables, and a variety of 2 tops and 4 tops and a 5 or 6 top or two.

From the menu, one might get the impression that it is trying to be a Georgetown version of Le Diplomate. It hadn’t quite made it when we were there, but it had not been open very long.

Debbie and Hilary ordered Escargots De Bourgogne. Hilary then ordered Seared Salmon with Asparagus, Fennel Braise Leeks, Tomato-Rosemare and the Liberté Salad which ended up being share around the table.

Debbie selected Mushroom Bourguignon, a Mushroom Medley, Pearl Onions, Fingerling potatoes, Baby Carrots with Bourguignon Sauce.

Elizabeth started with Beet Salade, Bacon Lardons, Walnuts, Rouquefort Vinaigrette and moved to Boeuf Bourgignon, with Red Wine, Braised Short Rib, Caramelized Bacon Lardons, etc.

I began with French Onion Soup Gratinée without the cheese followed by Brussels Sprouts/Cranberry, Almonds, Mustard Bechamel in a thick mixture. I also ordered Baby Carrots with Brown-Butter Roasted and Honey Lavender Glaze.

The portions were of good size and we all passed on dessert.

The restaurant is open for lunch, brunch and dinner 7 days a week.

There are four gender neutral restrooms. One seems particularly designed to be handicapped accessible. The one that I photographed had a white ceramic counter with a sunken washbasin in one corner. There is a semicircular mirror over the sink with gold doodads around the mirror.

There is a wall hanging commode with appropriate bars on the side and back. Two toilet paper rolls are connected on the wall to the right of the commode.

There is a black cabinet on the wall across from the commode containing extra bathroom items including a large tissue box. The cabinet has one shelf and the bottom of the cabinet is open to the floor as opposed to a separate shelf. Next to this cabinet there is a covered waste bin.

The floor has an interconnected patter of rectangles on the floor and on the walls to shoulder height. The wall above them is tan.

A quick look into two of the other restrooms showed differing shaped designs in each of them.

There are several stairs down that are necessary to enter the restaurant from Prospect Street. There is also a slanted walkway that provides easy access for those walking with one form of appliance or another.

Brasserie Liberté
3251 Prospect St. NW
Washington, DC 20007