Baked by Melissa

This is not a restaurant, but WW has become so enamored with Melissa’s products that that they need to be shared.

Melissa Ben-Ishay has created a cupcake bonanza of tiny cupcakes. It is hard to describe. If there is a cupcake flavor/frosting that you would like, including gluten free, there is a high chance you can find it at Baked by Melissa.

I have watched a table of 10 people scrambling and squabbling a bit to find their flavor of choice in a Pack of 25 cupcakes.

The cupcakes come in packs of 25, 50 and 100.

The cupcakes are shipped nationwide and are guaranteed to arrive fresh. The multiple orders that WW placed all arrived fresh.

If there is a happy event, Melissa has a Pack designed for that event.

If you happen to live in New York City there are 14 Baked by Melissa stores you can visit.

[Note: WW’s local Safeway also has packs of smallish cupcakes, but WW tasted them, and they are significantly larger than Melissa’s, not as attractive looking and don’t taste as good.]

Baked by Melissa