Restaurant: Kellari Taverna

Rita, Bob, Debbie and I went to Kellari on a Sunday night. Rita and Bob had been there before. It was a first for Debbie and me.

As you enter the restaurant, straight ahead to the left is a long bar with 12 highchairs. Across from the bar are a series of two tops along a half wall topped with some see through screening.

Then comes the main dining room with banquettes at each side. The greeter’s station is at the near corner of the main dining area.

There is a private room at the end of the dining room. It is open to the main dining room and the upper half of the “walls” that front the dining room are windows covered with somewhat opaque drapes. It is not as dark as many private dining areas but provides privacy. There is another more private entrance to the room. The night we were there, there was a private party in the room with a large number of folks sitting around a long table. (I got a peek inside when I walked by and the side door was open.)

Fish is a big part of the menu and at the end of the main dining area there is a large opening in a wall that features whole fish of various sizes packed in ice and presented in a way that allows you see the fish before you order. The fish are sold by the pound and you need to buy a whole fish.

The main room of the restaurant holds 2 tops, 4 tops, 5 tops and at least one 6 top. The restaurant can hold roughly 220 people at a single sitting.

Our server was Bryan, a bit of a character but an excellent server.

Rita and Bob ordered Greek Salads – Tomatoes, red onions, English cucumbers, olives, peppers, Kalamata olives, feta, olive oil. Bob tried to order the Avegemoto soup which he had enjoyed on his previous visit. He was told that the chef who made that soup was not there, so it was not available.

I opted for the Chopped Salad – Romaine, sweet corn, hearts of palm, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, chickpeas, feta. This salad was so big that I could not begin to finish it. I took it home.

Debbie did not order an appetizer.

For her main course, Rita ordered a Shrimp Cocktail. Debbie selected Lobster Youvetsi – Lobster, baked orzo, lobster tomato sauce.

Bob selected a Tuna Steak – Sesame crusted tuna, pan seared, giant beans, mushrooms, spinach, tomato sauce.

I was in the mood for fish, so I ordered Icelandic Cod – Icelandic cod fillet, clams, cherry tomatoes, sweet onions, capers, potatoes.
We ordered two dishes for the table, Kellari Chips – Crispy eggplant and zucchini, tzatziki dip, and Sweet corn.

The portions of all of the dishes were substantial and when it came time for dessert, we all passed.

The men’s room is very large. To the left as you enter is a black marbled counter with two sunken oval wash basins. There is a very large mirror over the counter. To the right is a floor to ceiling wall, walling off two wall-hanging urinals, one higher than the other. To the right of the urinals is a floor to ceiling wall made of thin circular wooden tubes.

Further to the right is a standard size commode room with a white ceramic floor standing commode and to the left of the commode a metal wall hanging shelf with a toilet paper holder and a second roll of toilet paper sitting on top. To the right of the small commode room is a large commode room with appropriate metal railings and accessibility space.

The floor is covered with very large dark tiles and the walls are covered with somewhat smaller light tan tiles. There are also various dark wood decorative items on the walls.

There is no valet parking but there is a parking garage located under the building with an entrance on K street. The garage closes at 11 p.m.

Kellari Taverna
1700 K Street NW
Washington DC 20006