Restaurant: Garibaldis Restaurant

Debbie and I went to Garibaldis with John and Sue.

The restaurant is long and narrow and seats between 80 and 90 people. To the right as you enter is a bar that seats 10. To the left there are a variety of tables facing a banquette and we were seated at a table near the front. Debbie and Sue were seated on the banquette, John and I were on chairs facing them.

Further back there is a second level to the restaurant which is reached by a short flight of stairs. It is on this level that one finds the restrooms.

The menu is broken into three sections: Small Plates, The Classics and Larger Plates.

Sue ordered Roasted Broccoli Di Ciccio – lemon, shallot, hazelnuts, Calabrian chili; Grilled Monterey Bay Calamari – butter beans, salsa verde, aioli, chili oil, crispy tortilla; and Chopped Salad – crunchy vegetables, sieved egg, ricotta salata, buttermilk dressing.

Debbie selected Papas Bravas Quebradas – crispy potatoes, spicy tomato sauce, aioli & several onions. She followed that with the Chopped Salad and Chicken Milanese – mashed potatoes, arugula, cherry tomatoes, red onions, lemon caper beurre blanc.

John started with the Parisian Style Gnocchi – delta asparagus, gioia burrata mozzarella, lemon zest, toasted almonds and then ordered the Grilled Filet Mignon – gorgonzola crema, English peas, shitake mushrooms, ham, grilled levain bread.

I started with Salt Roasted Beets – cara cara oranges, endive, crème fraiche, champagne vinaigrette, then the Chopped Salad finishing with Marinated Lamb Tenderloins – couscous, almond, currants, green beans, tarragon bearnaise.

Debbie finished with Garibaldis Coffee – Bailey’s Irish Cream, Grand Marnier, crème de Cacao, Moschetti Coffee, Whipped Cream, Orange Zest. John ended with the Irish Coffee – Jameson Whiskey, Sweetness, Whipped Cream.

In the restroom, there is a white ceramic floor standing commode. To the right of the commode is a square white wall-hanging wash basin and a wall-hanging container of paper towels with an attendant metal trash container. There is a metal cabinet with a waist high top and a variety of doors and drawers. The floor is covered with very large tiles made of a material I could not readily identify. The walls are covered with very large off-black tiles. There are suitable accessibility bars throughout and, unique to most other restrooms, there is a wall plaque to be pushed to open the door automatically and what appears to be a red knob which would call for help if necessary.

Garibaldis Restaurant
347 Presidio Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94115