State of the Nation

Any statements in this issue of the Watch which are not sourced are mine and identified by “WW”.

60% of registered voters say the country is on the wrong track, that includes 51% of men and 61% of women.

31% of registered voters say the country is headed in the right direction. This includes 38% of men and 26% of women. [Econ/YouGov 5/26/20] Continue reading “State of the Nation”


More than half of the members of Congress are millionaires according to recent personal financial disclosures. The median net worth of members of Congress who filed disclosures last year is just over $1 million. Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) is the wealthiest lawmaker in the Senate and overall, with nearly $260 million in net assets. Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-MT-AL) is the richest House member with $189 million. [Open Secrets April 23, 2020] Continue reading “Congress”

Women Will Get It Done

A federal judge in Los Angeles on May 1st dismissed demands by the United States women’s soccer team for pay equal to that of the men’s team. A spokeswoman for the women’s players said they will appeal.

“We are confident in our case and steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that girls and women who play this sport will not be valued as lesser just because of their gender,” the spokesperson said. [NBC News 5/1/2020] Continue reading “Women Will Get It Done”