Trump is considering revoking the security clearances of a variety of ex-officials who have in his view “politicized” their positions by accusing him of having inappropriate contact with Russia. Apparently he believes that the existence of their clearances provides inappropriate legitimacy to accusations with zero evidence [Sarah Sanders, White House Briefing, 7/23/18] Continue reading “Disassembling”


The following is a list of people who have been mentioned (by either themselves or others) as potential candidates in 2020. Folks are on the list whether or not they have claimed or disclaimed any interest in running. When an individual suggests publicly that he or she is not interested in running, their name is struck through. It should be noted that Senators who are up in 2018 deliver an obligatory denial that they are not planning to run for president. There is no penalty for changing their minds after they have been re-elected. Continue reading “2020”