Restaurant: Town Square Tavern

A reminder: When I write about a restaurant it means that I think it is worth trying and that I would go there again. If I don’t like it, I don’t write about it.

As you enter there are a variety of seating options including an “L” shaped bar that seats 4 on one side and 6 on the other. There is a communal table that seats 10. At the far end a banquette that fronts a series of two and four tops which can be combined in a variety of ways. It is here that we were seated. The balance of the restaurant is 2 and 4 tops.

There is a large covered porch which is open to the elements in the summer and seats many folks at 2 and 4 tops. During the cold months it is closed and unused.

We were seated at a two top on the banquette in the main restaurant.

The restaurant describes itself as serving inspired “world cuisine,” claiming to have something that is sure to please everyone’s palate.

Debbie and I ordered a variety of dishes that we shared.

Kale Salad – Smoked Trout, grapefruit, Parma Cheese, Almonds (we asked that the grapefruit not be included.); Crispy Onions, Harissa Aioli; Triad of House Dips & Pita – House Labneh, Hummus, Roasted Eggplant; Summer Watermelon Salad – Feta, Mint, Evoo; Tavern Lamb Burger – Aged White Cheddar, Bacon, Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Harissa Aioli, Ciabatta bun & French Fries. All of the portions were ample; the serving of Crispy Onions was particularly large.

For dessert Debbie ordered Affogato, Drowned in Maps Espresso, Cardamom Ice Cream. I ordered a couple of scoops of house ice creams.

The restaurant has an excellent list of non-alcoholic beverages from which I selected Dry Rainier Cherry Soda.

The service was on the spot.

There is a single unisex restroom near the front door of the restaurant. The floor is covered with dirty grey tiles. The walls are covered floor to ceiling in tan wood paneling, as is the door. There is a white ceramic table with a square washbasin inserted, topped by a mirror. On the top there is a wooden basket with paper towels and a couple of bottles with soap products. Underneath are two baskets, one for waste and the other holding extra paper products. Across from the washbasin is a white ceramic commode.

This restaurant space used to house Rustic Moose, run by the Moose sisters. The Rustic Moose was written up in the July 2000 Washington Watch.

Town Square Tavern
360 East Avenue N.
Ketchum, Idaho 83340
Open 7 nights a week at 5:00 p.m. for dinner.
Open for lunch Thursday thru Saturday 12 noon – 2:30 p.m.