Restaurant: Claudio’s Table

Debbie and I went to Claudio’s Table as the guests of Sherry and Michael. Claudio’s has been open for several months, owned by the owner of Restaurant Et Voila, which has been open since 2008. The chef-owner is Claudio Pirollo.

There is table seating for 60 people and bar seating for 10 and an open kitchen connected to the area behind the bar. We were seated at a table for 2 or 4 in an alcove in the front window.

Here is what we ordered.

Insalata Verde – Romaine salad – Sherry and Mike Berman
Arugula Salad – Mike Mandel
Eggplant Parmesan – Debbie and Mike M
Gentile Spaghetti with Manilla Clams – Sherry
Casarecce with Neapolitan Ragu – Mike B

Early in the evening I considered walking the length of the restaurant to what turned out to be two gender neutral restrooms. But the pathway was loaded with folks just standing around, so I waited until later in the evening when Mike M told me the pathway was clear.

The floor of the restroom is covered with a cement like substance, the walls to shoulder height are covered with mid-size blue tiles and the rest of the walls are painted yellow. There is a white ceramic floor-based commode with appropriate wall-connected aluminum bars and a white ceramic square wash basin connected to the wall headed by a wall hanging mirror. There is an appropriate waste receptacle and a locked floor-to-ceiling closet with a wooden door.

We arrived on time for our 7 p.m. reservation but space was not yet available. Seeing that I was walking with a cane, Lily, the hostess/floor manager brought over a chair for me to use while we were waiting although I did not accept her kindness. It was quite crowded around the front entrance. Had we arrived at the restaurant an hour later it would have been far less crowded.

Generally, it is quite noisy in the restaurant. We were seated in an alcove at the front of the restaurant with a table for 2 or 4 people so the noise was subdued.

For a more complete recitation of Claudio’s Table history go to

Claudio’s Table
6441 MacArthur Blvd, NW
Washington DC