Women Will Get It Done

About 8 in 10 women in opposite-sex marriages say they took their husband’s last name. On the flip side, 5% of U.S. men, married to women say they took their wife’s last name.

Most U.S. women who are married to men (79%) say they took their husband’s last name after marriage, while 14% kept their own last name.

Women who are younger than 50, who are Democrats or who have a postgraduate degree are among the most likely to report keeping their own name.
[PEW Research Center 9/9/23]

Most women and Democrats say there are too few women in high political offices in the U.S. today.

Too many women Too few women About the right number of women
All adults 8 53 37
Men 11 42 46
Women 5 63 30
Rep/Lean Rep 12 29 56
Dem/Lean Dem 3 75 21

About 1 in 5 Democrats who say there are too few women in high elected offices would prefer more women than men in these positions.

Equal number of women and men More women than men More women than now but not as many as men
All who say there are too few women 77 13 9
Rep/Lean Rep 80 4 16
Dem/Lean Dem 75 18 7

About half of U.S. adults think there will eventually be as many women as men in high political offices.

Men will continue to hold more high political offices in the future It is only a matter of time before there are as many women in office as men
Adults 46 52
Men 40 58
Women 51 46
Rep/Lean Rep 43 54
Dem/Lean Dem 48 51

[PEW 9/27/23]

Two women are vying for president of Mexico assuring that Mexico will have its first female head ever. [NYT 9/17/23]

58% overall say women have to do more to prove themselves. This includes 71% of women but just 43% of men.

50% overall say women in business face gender discrimination. 59% of women agree as do 39% of men.

76% of Democrats say there are too few women in top business positions. Only 33% of Republicans share that view.

The share of women CEOs in Fortune 500 companies has risen from 4.8% in 2018 to a record 10.6%. The share of women Fortune 500 board members grew from 22.5% in 2018 to 30.4% in 2022. [Axios PM 9/27/2023]