2024 Presidential Election

Comparing two national surveys taken at the same time.

Trump Biden
9/20/23 51% 42% WP/ABC
9/19/23 46% 46% NBC

The following people have indicated or been commonly named as someone thinking about or planning to run for president in 2024. This list is a result of the mining of a variety of lists published in the last few months.

For the Republican nomination: The following have announced their candidacies.

Donald Trump – Former President of the United States
Ron DeSantis – Governor of Florida
Nikki Haley – Former governor of South Carolina
Vivek Ramaswamy – Entrepreneur and author
Tim Scott – U.S. Senator from South Carolina
Chris Christie – Former Governor of New Jersey
Mike Pence – Former Vice President
Doug Burgum – Governor of North Dakota

Republicans who have said they are not running in 2024:
Rick Scott – U.S. Senator
Josh Hawley – U.S. Senator
Tom Cotton – U.S. Senator
Larry Hogan – former Governor of Maryland
Mike Pompeo – Former Secretary of State
Chris Sununu – Governor of New Hampshire

Republicans who have started to campaign and then failed to catch on or changed their minds.

Francis Suarez – Mayor of Miami
Asa Hutchison – Former Governor of Arkansas
Will Hurd – Former member of Congress/CIA
Larry Elder – Talk Show host.

Trump has a strong lead among potential rivals. [9/26/23]

Donald Trump 56.6%
Ron DeSantis 14.4%
Nikki Haley 5.8%
Vivek Ramaswamy 5.1%
Mike Pence 4.2%
Tim Scott 2.8 %
Chris Christie 2.7%
Doug Bergum 0.9%

For the Democratic nomination [9/19/23]:

Joe Biden – 65.8%
Michael Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – 14.9 %
Marianne Williamson – 4.9%