Restaurant: BBQ at Love Makoto

Debbie, Bev, Brady, and I went to BBQ at Love Makoto. At the end of dinner when I asked Debbie, Bev, and Brady whether they would come to this restaurant again they all said no. I am not as negative as they are and so I have written the following.

This Japanese culinary collection consists of three full-service dining and drinking areas. The three areas apparently seat up to 200 people.

At least in the area in which we were seated it was busy, crowded, and loud.

Chopsticks are provided as an eating device but when I asked for a fork one was quickly delivered.

Portions were more than ample.

The area we were in included 4 tops and 2 tops. The 4 tops had cooking grills in the center of the table.

Debbie and Brady ordered Omakase. This is a 4-5 course serving with the courses being chosen by the chef.

Bev ordered Hokkaido scallop’s and Udon “mac” & cheese.

Mike ordered sweet shrimp + caviar.

For the table we ordered Tokyo slaw + wasabi; Mochi potato and truffle shisco and seasonal roasted vegetables. Oysters were ordered and not delivered and were taken off the bill.

There are 7 individual bathrooms. Brady checked them out and found that each had a commode and wash basin.

The restaurant opened May/June 2023 and is open Tuesday through Sunday.

The owners of this restaurant are also the owners of the Unconventional Diner and L’Ardente.

BBQ at Love Makoto
200 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington DC 20001
202- 992 -7730