For the first time, the Republican National Convention will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Chicago has been selected as the site of the 2024 Democratic National Convention. This will be the 12th time that Chicago has been the site of the Democratic National Convention: 1864, 1884, 1892, 1896, 1932, 1940, 1944, 1952, 1956, 1968, 1996, 2024.

The following people have indicated or been commonly named as someone thinking about or planning to run for president in 2024. This list is a result of the mining of a variety of lists published in the last few months.

For the Republican nomination:

The following have announced their candidacies or are expected to announce their candidacies.

Donald Trump – Former President of the United States
Ron DeSantis – Governor of Florida
Nikki Haley – Former governor of South Carolina
Vivek Ramaswamy – Entrepreneur and author
Asa Hutchinson – Former Governor of Arkansas
Tim Scott – U.S. Senator from South Carolina
Larry Elder

Others who may decide to run.

Kristi Noem – Governor of South Dakota
Chris Sununu – Governor of New Hampshire
Chris Christie – Former Governor of New Jersey
Brian Kemp – Governor of Georgia
Mike Pence – Former Vice President
Glenn Youngkin – Governor of Virginia

Republicans who have said they are not running in 2024:

Rick Scott – U.S. Senator
Josh Hawley – U.S. Senator
Tom Cotton – U.S. Senator
Larry Hogan – former Governor of Maryland
Mike Pompeo – Former Secretary of State

Trump has a strong lead among potential rivals.

Trump 61%
Ron DeSantis 18%
Mike Pence 6%
Liz Cheney 2.0%
Greg Abbott 1.0%
Nikki Haley 4.0%
Christie 1.6%
Kristi Noem 1.4%
Vivek Ramaswamy 1.0%
Tim Scott 1.0%
Asa Hutchison 1.0%

[Morning Consult 5/16/23]

For the Democratic nomination:

Joe Biden – President of the United States
Marianne Williamson – Author, lecturer, and activist and 2020 Democratic candidate for president.
Michael Robert F Kennedy, Jr. – This Kennedy is one of the most prominent anti-vaxxers in the world and a Nazi Cavorter. He has angered several members of his own family.

Views of Biden vs Trump:

Trump 44%
Biden 38%
Undecided 18%

When undecided respondents are asked how they lean, Trump’s lead grows:

Trump 49%
Biden 42%
Neither/not vote 8%

More say Trump did a better job handling the economy than Biden has so far:

Donald Trump when he was President 54%
Joe Biden 36%

Far more Americans say Trump is in good physical health, mentally sharp.

More say Biden is honest and trustworthy:

Trump 33
Biden 42

Mental sharpness it takes to serve effectively as president:

Trump 54
Biden 32

In good enough physical health to serve effectively as president:

Trump 64
Biden 33

[WP/ABC 5/3/23]