Restaurant: Zinnia

Tim, James, Michael, Sherry, Debbie, and I went for lunch at Zinnia. This restaurant used to be Mrs. K’s Toll House. For those who remember, Mrs. K’s Toll House fondly, you will not be disappointed by Zinnia.

Some 175 people can be seated in various rooms, at various levels inside and there is a bar with 10 tall chairs. Another 200 people can be seated on the extended rolling grounds.

Our server was Sarah who did a great job, well supported by serving teams who delivered the dishes we ordered.

Tim ordered Burrata with Marinated cherry tomatoes, lemon, and basil; a 10 oz Center Cut Creekstone Farms Ribeye and Sorbet.

James also ordered Burrata; Swordfish picada – Blue crab butter, lemon; ice cream.

Michael Mandel was not very hungry and settled for Fried Green Tomatoes and Burrata.

Sherry ordered Broiled Bay Oysters – black garlic butter, and breadcrumbs; 10 oz Center Cut Creekstone Farms Ribeye and Sorbet.

Debbie started with 1 piece of my Fried Green Tomato; a 10 oz Center Cut Creekstone Farms Ribeye and Cheesecake.

Mike ordered 2/3 of a Fried Green Tomatoes, a large cup of Seafood Chowder with Scallops, shrimp, smoked bacon; Sauteed Peruvian Bay Scallops, Leek and cauliflower puree and Crème Brulé.

There are two gender neutral restrooms. The floor is covered by tiny white tiles. The walls to waist height are covered by grey rectangular tile. Above that by flowered wallpaper.

There is a floor based white ceramic commode and a square white ceramic washbasin. There is gold piping around the commode, a gold hanging toilet paper holder and a gold open trash top can.

9201 Colesville Road
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910