Restaurant: The Warehouse

Jill and Susan and Debbie and I had lunch at The Warehouse in Alexandria on a Thursday.

On the street in front of the restaurant there is a very long blue tent top with tables and chairs. There was one table that was in use. It was pretty warm, so Debbie and I decided to go inside while we waited for Jill and Susan to arrive.

A few moments later Jill and Susan arrived. Jill came in and said we needed to go outside because Susan had with her dog with her.

Ash, who turned out to be our server, hearing that part of the conversation said that the dog could come in and so Lily, carried in a cloth bag and joined us. It turns out that a mobile groomer was going to pick Lily up and do whatever it is they do.

Jill, Susan, and Debbie each ordered the Lobster/Crab Salad – Lettuce, Bacon, Shredded Eggs, Fresh Tomato, Crumbled Blue Cheese, Avocado and Creole Mustard Dressing. Each of them made some change in the salad as described in the menu.

I started with the Southern Fried Calamari followed by the Sautéed Jumbo Shrimp and Crabmeat a L’Americaine Sauté with Brandy & Shallot Cream Sauce a Garlic Rice.

It was very loud where we were sitting but it may have been because of the specific location of where we were sitting.

The restaurant seats 130-140 people in a variety of areas. On the main floor there is an area three steps above the rest of the floor. We were seated on this raised level. There is a second floor up a full set of stairs.

I told our server Ash that I needed to go to the restroom. He said I have something for you. He led me half-way back on the main floor and opened a door. There was a fully equipped restroom designed for one person.

As I entered the small room, I asked Ash whether this was the only restroom. He said there was a much larger restroom on the 2nd floor, but this restroom was designed to be used by anyone who is handicapped.

There is a white ceramic floor-based commode with appropriate wall hanging bars. Next to the commode is a white ceramic wall hanging washbasin headed by a mirror. There is a baby changing table inserted in the wall. And a container from which to pull a paper towel and the container in which to place the used towel. The wall is covered with relatively small white rectangular tiles to a height of four feet up the wall.

The Warehouse
214 King Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314