President Biden

(The following is based on registered voters unless indicated otherwise.)

President Biden’s job approval ratings.

SEPT’21 xxx 44/51A 52/48 xxx xxx
AUG’21 49/48A xxx xxx 53/46 47/44
JULY’21 48/45A (CNBC) xxx xxx xxx xxx
JUNE’21 xxx xxx xxx 56/43 49/41
MAY’21 xxx xxx xxx 54/42 49/41
APR’21 51/43 52/42 52/45 54/43 48/42
SEPT’21 xxx 43/52 xxx
AUG’21 xxx 47/46 47/49
AUG’21 54/46 48/46 50/48
AUG’21 xxx 47/47 51/46
AUG’21 xxx 49/44 52/46
JULY’21 59/41 49/45 52/45
JULY’21 xxx 50/43 52/44
JUNE’21 55/44 52/44 53/44
  xxx 51/43 52/43
MAY’21 xxx 52/42 55/41
APR’21 63/36 A xxx xxx

As of September 9, the following is Biden’s approval rating based on Real Clear Politics:

Approval Disapproval
Over all 43.5% 49.4%
On the economy 45.6% 46.6%
On foreign policy 42.6% 52.0%

Gallup now does monthly or semi-monthly surveys of all adults. WW will include a periodic polling summary–Registered and Likely Voters–by FiveThirtyEight.

Gallup (All Adults) FiveThirtyEight (Reg/Likely voters)
Date Approval Disapproval Approval Disapproval
8/17/21 49% 48% 48.5% 45.9%
6/18/21 56% 42% 51.8% 42.4%
5/18/21 54% 40% 52.7% 40.7%
4/21/21 57% 40% 53.4% 40.1%
3/15/21 54% 42% 53.8% 40.2%
2/18/21 56% 40% 54.4% 37.8%

After his first 100 days in office, 51% of Americans thought that Biden had accomplished a great deal/fair amount. After 230 days in office the number who said Biden had accomplished a great deal/fair amount had dropped to 40%. [NBC 8/17/21]

On September 1, 2021, Biden’s overall approval rating in the NPR-PBS- Newshour– Marist poll was 43%. Four months earlier, in April 2021, Biden’s approval rating in the same poll was 54%. [NPR/Marist 8/31/21]

Biden’s rating on handling the economy on September 1 was 45% approval and 49% disapproval. [ABC/WP 9/1/21]

On handling foreign policy his approval rating was 38% and disapproval rating was 56%. [NPR/Marist 9/1/21]

The public believes that the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan was the right decision – so say 54% of the public.

69% say the U.S. mostly failed to achieve its goal in that country.

42% say the Biden administration did a poor job of handling the situation.

61% of Republicans view Taliban control of Afghanistan as a major security threat to the United States, a view held by only 33% of Democrats.
[PEW 8/29/21]

The latest NBC News poll shows an enormous divide in opinion based on how Americans get their news.

Those who get their news from conservative media like Fox, OAN, Newsmax.

Those who get their news from liberal media like CNN, MSNBC.

Those who get news from newspapers/broadcast TV not cable or social media.

Those who get news from social media.

Biden job approval

  • All adults: 49%
  • Conservative media: 24%
  • Liberal media: 69%
  • Newspapers/broadcast: 60%
  • Social media: 50%

Approval Biden’s Covid handling

  • All adults: 25%
  • Conservative media: 12%
  • Liberal media: 37%
  • Newspapers/broadcast: 29%
  • Social media: 20%

Approval of Biden’s handling of economy

  • All adults: 47%
  • Conservative media: 24%
  • Liberal media: 65%
  • Newspapers/broadcast: 52%
  • Social media: 46%

Approval of Biden’s handling of Afghanistan

  • All adults: 25%
  • Conservative media: 12%
  • Liberal media: 37%
  • Newspapers/broadcast: 29%
  • Social media: 20%

Congressional preference

  • All adults: D+1
  • Conservative media: R+56
  • Liberal media: D+45
  • Newspapers/broadcast: D+19
  • Social media: D+2

Already received Covid vaccine

  • All adults: 69%
  • Conservative media: 60%
  • Liberal media: 79%
  • Newspapers/broadcast: 78%
  • Social media: 65%

[NBC 8/17/21]

The Biden administration will wipe out $5.8 billion in student loans held by 323,000 people who are permanently disabled. Currently there is $1.6 trillion held in student loan debt, much of which could be eliminated through executive action. [Numlock News 8/20/21]

In early August the White House tweeted that it was the “first administration in history to add jobs every month of the first six months in office.”

In fact, based on BLS data, since 1953, six administrations have added jobs every month in their first six months in office: Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Trump, and Biden. [Winston Group 8/13/21]

Judges Nominated and Confirmed to Date

President Biden has been able to affect the federal judiciary early.

As of August 31, 2021, 9 judges nominated by Biden have been confirmed, 4 to the Courts of Appeals, and 5 to the District Courts.

There are currently an additional 76 vacancies in Article III courts; 6 in the U.S. Courts of Appeals, 71 in the U.S. District Courts, and 2 in the in the U.S. Courts of International Trade.

President Biden has nominated an additional 24 individuals, 21 to the district and 9 to the circuit courts.

The chart below reflects the number of Article III court judges appointed by every U.S. president since Jimmy Carter.

Total Supreme Ct Appeals Ct District Ct Int’l Trade
Biden – 7 months 9 0 4 5  
Trump – 4 years 234 3 54 174 3
Obama – 8 years 325 2 55 268  
GW Bush – 8 years 325 2 62 261  
Clinton – 8 years 373 2 66 305  
GHW Bush – 4 years 192 2 42 148  
Reagan – 8 years 376 3 83 290  
Carter – 4 years 259 0 56 203

[USCourts/Wikipedia/List of federal judges appointed by Joe Biden]

Election officials are coming under unprecedented attack for doing their jobs. Some officials have been the target of threats to themselves and their families.

Stepping up to help these election officials are two well-known lawyers.
Bob Bauer served as White House counsel during the Obama administration and teaches at the New York University School of Law. He was in private practice for many years representing democratic. candidates and organizations. Benjamin L. Ginsberg has practiced election law for 38 years on the Republican side of the aisle and is a distinguished visiting fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

The two have joined together to work on the problem noted above. Here is part of what they had to say in a recent Op Ed.

“The two of us have been partisan opponents in the past, representing opposing political parties to the best of our abilities. But at this moment in time, we share a grave concern about attacks on those public servants who successfully oversaw what was arguably the most secure and transparent election in our country’s history, with record turnout, during a global pandemic. If such attacks go unaddressed, our system of self-governance will suffer long-term damage.

“So, in partnership with the nonprofit and nonpartisan Center for Election Innovation & Research, we are launching the Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN), which will connect licensed, qualified pro bono attorneys with election administrators who need advice or assistance. State and local election workers anywhere in the country can go to, or call the toll-free number (877) 313-5210, at any time, 24/7, to request, to be connected with a lawyer who can help them, at no cost.”