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45 million people in the United States owe $1.7 trillion in education loans. [WP 4/9/21]

44% of U.S. adults think it is appropriate for professional athletes to kneel during the national anthem to bring attention to racial injustice. 54% think it is inappropriate.

Appropriate Not appropriate
Total 44% 54%
White 32% 67%
Black 82% 14%
Hispanic 59% 38%
Asian 57% 42%
Republican 10% 89%
Democrat 74% 25%
Independent 48% 51%

[Axios AM 3/20/21]

295,052,679: Total votes cast in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

284,323,422: Total votes cast Trump/Clinton-Biden in 2016/2020 elections.

136,669,276: Total votes cast in the 2016 presidential election.

158,383,403: Total votes cast in the 2020 presidential election.

137,200,984: Total votes cast for Trump in the 2016/2020 elections.

147,122,438: Total votes cast for Clinton/Biden in the 2016/2020 elections.

122,071: A change in this number of votes between the two elections and the results would have been different.

78,379: A change in this number of votes in 2016 and Donald Trump would not have been president.

43,692: A change in this number of votes in 2020 and Trump would have been re-elected.

[Doug Sosnik, Wikipedia]

“Do the benefits of doing away with the filibuster, immediate and obvious as they are, outweigh the risks of what a different majority would do down the road? That should be a sobering concern for anyone pressing for its abolition, because a return to complete GOP control is a matter of only a few seats, and the damage that Republicans could do would be immense.” [Ruth Marcus WP 3/19/21]