Approval of the Congress has grown since shortly after the election.

Approve Disapprove
Real Clear Pol. 4/6/21 34.3% 57.0%
Real Clear Pol. 3/2/21 29.7% 60.0%
Real Clear Pol. 2/22/21 26.3% 60.0%
Real Clear Pol. 1/5/21 18.7% 70.3%
Real Clear Pol. 11/10/20 18.0% 70.3%

The House of Representatives

The 2020 census data will not be available until September 30, 2021. The legal deadline was March 31, 2021. This change of date could result in chaos in states facing tight redistricting deadliness for Congress as well as state and local offices. [NPR 2/12/21]

WW uses David Wasserman and the Cook Political Report for the House chart. Because of the situation described in the paragraph above, no chart for 2022 had been produced as of April 5th.

The following is information posted in the House Charts of the Cook Political Report.

Democrats hold 218 seats.

Republicans hold 212 seats.

There are five vacancies.

  • Two members died – one special election has been scheduled for May 1st.
  • Three members resigned to go into the administration – special elections scheduled.

Five open seats – three retiring, two running for other offices

Twenty-one potentially open seats

  • 13 Republicans
  • 8 Democrats

The Senate

[WW uses Jessica Taylor of the Cook Political Report and Inside Elections for the Senate chart below. When those two organizations do not agree, WW uses Sabato as a tie breaker.]

  • Republicans – 50
  • Democrats – 48
  • Independents – 2
Democrats Republicans Independent
Seats not up in 2022 34 30 2
Safe in 2022 10 15  
  Padilla Murkowski  
  Bennett AL – open  
  Blumenthal Boozman  
  Schatz Grassley  
  Duckworth Crapo  
  Van Hollen Young  
  Schumer Moran  
  Wyden Paul  
  Leahy Kennedy  
  Murray MO – open  
Likely 2 2  
  Hassan Rubio  
  Cortez Masto OH – open  
Lean 2 1  
  Kelly Johnson  
Toss Up 0 2  
    NC – open  
    PA – open