Restaurant: Rooster & Owl

Leslie and Nate had the foresight to make a reservation at the restaurant some time ago and invited Debbie and I to join them. We arrived at 6:00 p.m. for a 6:15 p.m. reservation and were immediately seated.

The restaurant opened February 7, 2019.

The restaurant seats 50 people at square 2 and 4 tops. There are an additional 6 high seats at the bar which is really an extension of the restaurant. There is no room for standing around the bar. Reservations can be made to sit at the bar.

Any party of more than four people is out of the ordinary and there is limited availability…at the far end of the restaurant there is a semi-private area (walled off by curtains) that can handle 5-10 people with considerable advance notice.

The restaurant is small and where we were seated, we could see thru a wall of open shelves into the kitchen but could not see the actual preparation of dishes. The shelves host a series of spices, wines and fresh glasses.

Once seated, a small rectangular dish plus the appropriate silver is placed in front of each person and thereafter there is a similar dish and fresh silver provided before each course.

The first “treat” is a sweet milk brioche roll with sugar topping and softened butter.

Each person is presented with a menu that includes four courses. Each course has several options from which to choose. One would expect to select one item from each of the four courses. However, our server suggested that we choose all four items from each of the courses. (Possible because there were four of us.)

To start…
CUCUMBER/grape/almond/green gazpacho
SNOW PEAS/ watermelon radish/dan dan dressing/chili oil
CARROTS/Carolina-style BBQ/cornbread
BURRATA/green strawberry/basil/balsamic/pistachio

ASPARAGUS/country ham, hollandaise/pecorino
HUSHPURPPIES/Maryland blue crab/old day/yogurt
RISOTTO/ramps/English peas/nori tempura
SCALLOPS/Singaporean chili sauce/edamame/mint

…and then…
COBIA/king trumpets/pearl onions/mint
TAGLIATELLE/fava beans/maitkes/walnut/anchovy
QUAIL/cheddar grits/peppers/miso honey/
HANGER STEAK/ broccolini/chimichurri

…to finish…
CHOCOLATE CAKE/peanut butter/pretzel/cream cheese
VICTORIA SANDWICH/rhubarb/crème fraiche/raspberry
BRIE CUSTARD/Ritz cracker/honey/mostarda

Leslie and Debbie decided that we did not want Tagliatelle so we ordered two orders of Quail allowing for each of us to have a half quail.

I requested a non-alcoholic drink and was provided with a drink that included a combination of the non-alcoholic mixes from several of the alcohol included drinks. Nate requested iced tea and was told that the restaurant does not serve iced tea, so he settled for Diet Coke.

Our server was Tom who had been working at the restaurant for two months. The service was excellent from start to finish.

We look forward to eating at Rooster & Owl again, which will require advance planning.

On May 23 at 5:30 p.m. the restaurant was sold out for the rest of May and the entire month of June. The first available reservation for two people was July 3rd. Reservations can be made either by phone or online. WW recommends looking online because it is easy to see what reservations times are available.

The restaurant is closed Sunday and Monday.

The regular dining menu is not available on Tuesdays. Tuesday’s menu involves dishes that are in development as well as items on the then regular menu, but no substitutes are permitted.

There are 15 full time staff from chefs to dish washers to service the restaurant. By 7:05 p.m. the restaurant was filled with at least a few tables having turned over from earlier diners.

The restaurant is not child friendly. Dinner for two lasts about two hours and the restaurant does not have any highchairs or booster seats.

Parking in the area is in short supply so plan your travel to the restaurant accordingly.

There is a unisex restroom. A grey cement-like floor connects to a white brick wall around the room to shoulder height. Above the white brick to the ceiling the wall is covered with a multi-color, multi-animal, multi-object wallpaper.

In one corner is a white ceramic floor-based commode. In the opposite corner there is an oval white ceramic wall-attached washbasin with a small mirror above it. Below the wash basin are two wood shelves with towels and extra toilet paper set alongside a black metal covered trash can. On the wall to the right is an air dryer for one’s hands.

Rooster & Owl
2436 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009