Women Will Get It Done

Every 16 hours a woman is shot dead by her current or former partner.
[Brady United Against Gun Violence]

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers became the first NFL team to hire two full-time female coaches. [CNBC.com 3/21/19]

At American University, 6 of the 9 Academic Deans are women. 69% of physical and natural science majors are women.

For the first time in history, the Executive Producers of the ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN morning shows are women: ABC – Roxanna Sherwood; CBS – Diana Miller; NBC – Libby Leist and CNN – Izzy Provich.

Lori Lightfoot, a former federal prosecutor has been elected Mayor of Chicago. She is the first African American and the first openly gay person to hold the post.

Karen Uhlenbeck, a professor at the University of Texas, Austin became the first woman to win the Abel Prize for Mathematics, sometimes called “The Nobel Prize of Math”. The grantor is the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, given to her for her work in the field of geometric analysis. [NYT] Uhlenbeck was the first woman accepted to the National Academy of Sciences in 1986. [CNN]

Maryland is the only state in the country in which the top four leaders in the state’s National Guard are women, all of them are mothers.

There have been other changes for women in the military generally. Three years ago, women were granted the right to serve in combat posts in the U.S. military. Since then the first woman has graduated from the Army’s most physically challenging training, the Ranger School.

The first woman has graduated from the Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course, but a woman is not leading any infantry platoon in the Marines.

In February, a federal judge ruled that a male-only military draft is unconstitutional. [WP 4/1/19]

Following a lawsuit brought by three female students, a North Carolina public school that had mandated girls wear skirts to preserve “traditional values” will have to allow them to wear parts or shorts instead. Bonnie Peltier, the mother of one of the girls who sued Charter Day School in North Carolina, told the Washington Post that she contacted the ACLU after Baker Mitchell, the founder of the Robert Bacon Academy which runs the school, gave her a condescending lecture about archaic gender norms. [GenderAvenger Blog 4/4/19]