“Always remember to smell the flowers as you proceed along your life’s path.”
-Justice Jaynee LeVecchia, Supreme Court of New Jersey

“This may seem small, but it’s huge.”
-Kate Germano, retired Marine Lt. Col on the integration of female and male training battalions in the Marines

“I am obsessive-compulsive about delivering results in a timely fashion, documenting what I’m going to do, delivering what I say I’m going to do and then reminding you that I have in fact delivered.”
-Time’s Up CEO Lisa Borders, on how she deals with being underestimated at work.

“The combination of perseverance and passion for long-term goals. It’s not just working really hard and being resilient—it’s doing all of that in the service of something that you love, that is interesting to you. And that give you a sense of purpose and meaning.”
-Angela Duckworth, in her book Grit