Restaurant: San Lorenzo

(A reminder: I only write about restaurants I believe are worth trying and would patronize again. If I don’t like the restaurant, I don’t write about it.)

We went to San Lorenzo with Virginia and Tom at Tom’s suggestion.

San Lorenzo opened at the end of June. It is the creation of Chef Massimo Fabbri, most recently of Tosca and before that, Posto. Massimo stopped by our table to chat.

Chrissy Yee is the front of house manager.

The restaurant is narrow and there is a greeter’s station at the front door. The restaurant seats around 70 people of which 14 are at the bar and 16 are seated in a raised partially enclosed section just past the bar. The balance of 40 seats are placed between the front window and up the left side of the restaurant in tables ranging from 2 tops to 6 tops.

The following dishes were shared by all.

Fiori Di Zucca – Deep fried squash blossoms, truffled goat cheese, tomato sauce, organic greens

Prosciutto (2 orders) – imported prosciutto, black mission figs, buffalo mozzarella, castello di ama olive oil (The prosciutto ham is sliced by a chef who comes from the kitchen at the back of the restaurant to a large slicer that is planted at the end of the bar nearest the front of the restaurant. I forgot to ask why the slicer is located at that particular location.)

Burrata – heirloom tomatoes, basil, crispy artichokes, balsamic

Calamari – roasted calamari, shaved Brussel sprouts, bell pepper sauce

Caccoicco – sautéed scallops, shrimp, mussels, cockles, potatoes, lobster, gremolata

Rosticciana – roasted Tuscan style pork ribs, sage, rosemary, broccolini, organic greens

Pappardelle – tosca style rabbit ragu, white wine, herbs, olive oil

Tortelli –crown-shaped ravioli filled with robbiola, black truffle, porcini mushroom, sauce (2 orders)

Cioccolato – chocolate mascarpone truffle torte, orange liqueur sauce, raspberries, candied pistachios

Robbiolina – thyme, honey & robbiolina cheesecake, black raspberry compote, graham cracker streusel

Crostata – summer fruit crostata (peach and blueberry), house made vanilla gelato

The service was more than attentive from our server and the folks who clear the dishes from each course before the next is delivered.

There are two gender neutral restrooms just past the kitchen at the back of the restaurant. They are small. There is a white ceramic commode with a metal shelf that holds the appropriate necessary tools. There is a square white ceramic-like counter with a sunken square wash basin. It is headed by a large mirror, above which are three very large light bulbs.

The walls are covered to waist height with white rectangular tiles and above by orange and off-white designed wall paper. The floor is covered with large white tiles.

There is something enjoyable about this restaurant and Debbie and I are looking forward to our next visit.

San Lorenzo
1316 9th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001