Restaurant: Centrolina

Debbie and I went to Centrolina for dinner with Tony. (This was my second visit. Previously I had lunch there with Mike.)

The décor is light and modern. There is a u-shaped bar to the right as you enter. It has twelve high seats and has one feature that I had not encountered before. There is attached to the bar at each guest chair a large hook that can be used to hang a purse, jacket or other object.

There is an open kitchen at the back of the restaurant

About in the middle of the restaurant there is an area dedicated to the equivalent of an Italian deli with cooked and uncooked products for sale. There is also a coffee bar with tall stools.

The restaurant seats 60 people at 2s, 4s, 6s or 8s or combinations thereof plus two booths each seating up to four people.

Debbie and Tony started with Bassano chilled white asparagus, egg gribiche and greens.

For her main course, Debbie selected Fettuccine porcini carbonara, pancetta, peas, permigiano and cracked pepper. Tony chose Bianca spaghetti of scallop, calamari & mushroom ragu, basil, parsley and olive oil.

I started with Funghi roasted porcini mushrooms with garlic & herbs.

I followed that with the Pesce, the simply grilled fish of the day, which was cod.

We shared Cipolla tempura fried ramps, with shishito aiolis.

After a short pause we agreed on Bundino di Cioccolato, caramelized banana, white chocolate crema, orange zest, banana sorbetto and hazelnut-chocolate crunch.

As our dinner was coming to an end, Amy Brandwein, the Chef-Owner of the restaurant, stopped by to say hello to Tony.

Mercato e Osteria
974 Palmer Alley
Washington, DC 20001