Women Will Get It Done

Women make up 24% of the computing workforce, and that number is declining. Four out of ten women are leaving STEM careers despite engineering and computer science jobs being some of the fastest growing and highest paying in the world. With computer science and engineering fields having the highest return on investment compared to any other field of study, these jobs play an important role in the future of women and our world. [Gender Avenger Blog, 5/24/17]

The Consumer Electronics Show, one of the most well-known trade shows in this country, has its next show in January 2018. To date, all of the keynote speakers are men. [Gender Avenger, 11/19/17]

Federal law enforcement agencies remain as male dominated as they were 20 years ago. In 1966, women held 14% of federal law enforcement jobs. Currently, women represent 15% of those jobs. [Gender Avenger, 11/19/17]

The European Commission is considering proposals that would require companies whose non-executive directors are more than 60% male to prioritize women when candidates of equal merit are being considered for a post. [Gender Avenger, 11/22/17]

A black woman is 243% more likely to die from pregnancy or child bearing-related causes than a white woman. [ProPublica]

“For the first time, married women are better educated than their husbands.”

In 25.3% of marriages the wives have more education than their husbands. In 24.5% of marriages the men have more education than their wives.

This past fall, 56% of all college students were women. 59% of female high school students expect to complete a bachelor’s or graduate degree. 53% of men say the same thing.

73% of married men have higher incomes than their spouses, down from 91% in 1960. [Daily Good, 11/22/17]

6.33% of all commercial pilots are women. Now and then a Southwest Airlines flight will end up with an all-female crew; pilot, co-pilot and flight attendant. [Money.Good.is, 10/25/17]

Only 10% of the lawmakers in the lower house of the National Diet of Japan and 16% of the members of the upper House of the Diet are women. [WP, 11/25/17, Google]