Women Will Get It Done

Since 1947 prize money for U.S. Open women has averaged 37% that of men. This year the men will compete for a total of $12 million, while the women’s purse is $5 million. [Bloomberg]

“For women in business and beyond, it was an I-told-you-so day. The twin spectacles Tuesday — an Uber board member’s wisecrack about women talking too much, and Senator Kamala Harris, Democrat of California, being interrupted for the second time in a week by her male colleagues — triggered an outpouring of recognition and what has become almost ritual social-media outrage.

“Academic studies and countless anecdotes make it clear that being interrupted, talked over, shut down or penalized for speaking out is nearly a universal experience for women when they are outnumbered by men.” [GenderAvenger Blog, 6/18/17]

While Uber has reportedly approached at least five women about the open CEO role—including Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki, General Motors’ Mary Barra, EasyJet’s Carolyn McCall, and HP’s Meg Whitman—all of them have apparently turned down the gig. Now, all three remaining prospects are men. [Fortune]

On Wednesday, Facebook released a diversity update, which showed mild improvements across the organization, but a major bump in one area: female new graduate hires in engineering. This year’s class is 27% female—a number that is impressive considering that just 18% of computer science majors in the U.S. are women. [The Broadsheet, 8/3/17]

Start-ups with at least one female founder wind up building companies where nearly half the staff are women, a new study finds.

With an average of 48% female workers, women-led firms have nearly twice the industry average and outpace some of the nation’s largest tech companies in gender diversity including Google (31%), Facebook (33%) and Uber (36%), according to the study by online start-up investing platform FundersClub that surveyed 85 U.S.-based tech start-ups. [GenderAvenger]

France voted a record number of women into parliament election results showed on Monday, after President Emmanuel Macron’s victorious Republic on the Move (LREM) party fielded a gender-balanced candidate list. Of the 577 newly elected lawmakers, 223 were female, beating the previous record of 155 set after the last election. [GenderAvenger, 6/20/17]